Brik bicycles

The basic of the used drive technology is almost as old as the bicycle itself. The first cardan shafts were of cast iron. And because the long time did not allow the shaft to combine with gears system fell out of favor. Not every bicycle workshop had tools for a cardan shaft of the Brig cycling. So there was used the universal chain. All necklaces were once 1 – 1/8, here was any system the same.

Nowadays, the combination with gears, by modern production techniques, possible. This allows the advantages of this drive (clean, low maintenance and safe) be used again. The simple shimano nexus hubs with 3, 7 or 8 gears can now feature a conical gear (the gear that with an angle 45 degrees is powered by a shaft with a conical gear on the end of 45 degrees.

Brik bicycles with cardan shaft

The cardan shaft is very high quality and extremely durable. The cardan shaft has hardly require maintenance. The gears must be greased but by the closed system there will be no water at and runs the fat not the gears off as with a chain. Also wear out the gears as a little and they don’t need to be replaced. In the 5 years that we now sell bicycles at the Brig Dot bike, we have never had 1 guaranteed case mbt the cardan shaft!

Would you like have more information? Just take a look at the Brig site!

The functioning of the cardan shaft

When the pedals are two gears with a performance that an axis power. And at the end of this axis, at the rear wheel is again a set of right-angle gears. These drive the gear hub, which in turn propels the wheel. “a picture is worth a thousand words”;

Hieronder een schema met de belangrijkste verschillen tussen de cardanas en de traditionele ketting:

  cardan shaft traditional necklace
maintenance very few: internal lubrication. relatively high: chain cleaning, lubricating, chain tensioning chain, derailleur clean, lubricate and adjust.
safety No gears. No external moving parts. chain can run off/break. gears and chain often open and exposed
hygiene oil, grease or dirt. plenty of oil, grease and dirt.
energy loss At the stairs you notice no difference from a bicycle with a chain. under the most optimal conditions 2%, in General significantly more if the chain is not sufficiently lubricated, dirt and incorrect tense and straining against the chain case.
practical changing rear tire goes by loosening a few screws and bolts; clean and fast. It is a dirty job the wheel neatly from the bicycle. Chain Guard,-tensioners and the necklace itself not to mention los and weather.
sound Super silent drive. noisy drive

Wouter, Brik, owner: “a bicycle in which functionality, ease of use and design”. “I have chosen to a city bike with cardan shaft design. Because I believe that cars are not for nothing have switched to the shaft drive. A bike with cardan shaft is high quality and very reliable. Moreover, a cardan shaft no maintenance, no mess and no hassles with the necklace. ”

New Brik

In addition to the cardan shaft features new BRIK What BRIK is a sleek and striking, strong frame and the use of sustainable materials. Those features included in our latest BRIK, the Brig Brut Gentlemen and ladies. These are sporting city bikes and available in various colours. Of course this latest bicycle without chain also equipped our striking Orange cardan shaft and to personal wish to expand with various accessories.

Brik Cycling Brut, Sec and the Belt

below are 6 models Brik cycling. The gentlemen and ladies models of the Sec, Brut and Belt. The Sec this year for the first time with 7 gears and you can also choose the Cardan instead of black in the Orange. Here we give at Stip bike prefer. A nice cross-frame that something more may notice with its cardan, therefore we always Orange coating. Starting from 2016 is the new Brick Belt available. This cycle has no cardan shaft as the Sec and Brut, but a carbon drive belt.

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