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Brik Bicycles

Brikbikes – The well thought-out city bike with character.

Brikbikes are tough and rock-solid city bikes for transport and fun. It is a Dutch design, handmade on order and available in various variants. Brikbikes are chainless bicycles and therefore very reliable and maintenance free. It means the end of dirty trouser legs and hassle with the chain and chain guard.

Brik Brut and Brik Sec have a cardan shaft, Brik Belt is equipped with a belt.


A cardan shaft, named after the Italian Girolamo Cardano, consists of a drive shaft and a universal joint at one or both ends and connects two elements that move in relation to each other. This way the power of the pedals is transferred to the wheel. The whole is enclosed in a housing, the cardant tunnel.

A cardan shaft requires less maintenance compared to a chain, has no energy loss, you can easily and cleanly replace your belt and drive very quietly.

Brikbikes as advertising bike

Do you have a company and you want to make eye-catching advertising, even then Brikbikes are perfect. Stipbike can adjust the bike so that it fits your brand. Moreover, a bicycle is sustainable advertising!

Want to know more about the possibilities around company bikes? Take a look at our Advertising Cycles page for examples and more information.

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Brik Brut

The frame of the Brut is made of thick aluminum tubes which gives the bike a tough look! Call us, mail or drop by for more information.

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Brik Sec

The Brik Sec has a sleek design, an extremely strong frame with cardan shaft and is built in the Netherlands with the best materials! Call us, mail or drop by for more information

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Brik Belt

The Brik Belt is built for optimal driving pleasure. New is the drive belt. An ultra-strong belt instead of chain or cardan shaft! Call us, mail or drop by for more information.

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