Full Service Lease; Well the benefits but not the risks

Of course, an e-bike is more expensive than a regular bike. The maintenance and insurance costs are also higher than with an ordinary bicycle. And since 2015, the tax-friendly bicycle plan has also been abolished via the employer. But why do you pay for it all at once, if it can also be handy and modern? There is an excellent alternative: Full Service Lease
A full service lease contract from Mobilys is the alternative to the abolished bicycle plan. Actually, it's a "cycle plan plus". As a user you are not at risk, so you never get unexpected costs. In addition, you have maximum freedom and you can choose a new bike within 3 years. In each contract are the following leasecom

Mobilys electric bikes

Lease through the case


Business leasing an e-bike and making it available to an employee can be interesting for an employer. The monthly lease price can be fully charged to the profit. In addition, all B.T.W. To offset. The employee can then use the e-bike for his work trips. Another form of compensation is no longer possible (unloaded). If the employee also uses the e-bike for private sits, an amount must be deducted from the salary for the private benefit that the employee enjoys. This is usually only a few euros net per month.

Privé Lease


If the employee concludes a lease contract, the employer is not a contract party in the lease agreement. The employer can provide compensation that normally fits into the tax system. The maximum unpaid fee is € 0.19 per mile. For the employee, a lease contract is a great solution to switch to an e-bike without making a high investment and with all the other conveniences and benefits of that
Theft & Casco insurance

All Mobilys e-bikes are fully insured against theft and damage (including battery!). If your e-bike is stolen we will ensure you get a new one soon. Without we adjusting your contract. And of course you do not pay your own risk! It's already annoying enough.
Repair, Maintenance & Tires

If you pick up all your cycling trips, the bill may increase. Tire repair and replacement, maintenance and unexpected repairs are not cheap. Within the lease contract we charge these costs and even make sure that the e-bike can be repaired on-site. Of course, you can also repair your own bike maker.


Pechhelp & Replacement e-bike

The lease contract also includes on-the-fly assistance, return service and a replacement e-bike if you get on the road. A unique service that makes you fast on the road again. One call to our alarm center is enough.