Pakket Texel


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Why an Azor Texel bike? You can assemble the Azor bikes yourself, so you do not pay for unnecessary extras. Your bike is unique and is specially made for you.

Special details

The Azor Texel bike has: Bigger wheel rim with big spoke size 12, Big Apple tires, smart LED headlamp, hub dynamo, strong Yepp carrier, two-leg standard with stabilizer spring on front fork. Because you can make a lot of yourself, it’s a bike to your wishes. For the Fat-tire bicycle packages, you can totally assemble your own bike that suits you most. One part of this is to choose the bicycle frame. We have a wide range here and you can choose from 10 kinds of frams. There are a number of colors from the frames that you can choose from, below are listed below: Grandpa Frame: black, matt black, matte blue, old green Grandma Frame: black, matt black, mat army green, poison green, white green, matte red Zwanehals Frame: black, white green Cross Frame: black, matt black, carg blue Abbey Frame: matt black, matgranite, old green Transport Frame: black, matt black IFL Frame: matt black Aluminum Pickup Parallel Frame: matte black, mat granite, white green Aluminum frame Pick-up Transport: matt black, matt granite, signal blue Aluminum Oma Pickup Frame: matt black, signal blue, mat box, matte blue In the comments, please indicate which frame color you want, so we can make your bike as you would like to see!

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Shinamo terugtraprem, Shimano 3V terugtraprem, Shimano 3V handrem, Shinamo 7V handremmen

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opa frame, oma frame, zwanehals frame, kruis frame, abdij frame, transport frame, ifl frame, aluminium pick-up frame, aluminium pick-up transport frame, aluminium oma pick-up frame


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