Stipbike is a partner of Mobilys, a company which offers refreshing, flexible and combined mobility solutions, aiming to reduce CO₂ emissions as well as costs for both employers and employees, and to shorten the commute. Their mobility solutions include bike-sharing systems using the Mobilock, and this is where Stipbike comes in. Mobilys supplies the solutions, and we supply the bikes that make it happen. Visit our page Advertisment bikes to review your bicycle options!

About Mobilock

Suitable for each bike

The mobilock is mounted at the location of a regular bike lock and can be fitted on any type of bike, from a granny bike to a tandem


Optimum protection against theft 

The combination of hardened steel lock components and high tech electronics makes the Mobilock a very safe lock that is strong enough to be used on a daily basis under the thougest of weather conditions


Can be easily upscaled 

Quick and flexible expanddability based on actuel demand is possible


Fleet Management system

The extensive Mobilock back-office includes a complete fleet Management function. Our software offers many options and it is of coursepossible to integrate these into your own system

Suitable for all types of situations

Suitable for all types of usage bike share bike rental or company mobility


Keyless convenience

The days of being dependent on bike keys are over use the handy Mobilock app for an overview of booking availability or to open the Mobilock


Intuitive operation

Simple operation The Mobilock can be opened via the smartphone at the touch of a button the Mobilock can be locked again by inserting the locking pin


No adaption of infrastructure necessary

The Mobilock bike share system does not require pay stations expensive bike clamps or costly terminals why not because you can park te bike anywhere this makes Mobilock the bike share system with the lowest Total crosts of Ownership (TCO)